"The Future at the service of your clients"

Advise patients and healthcare professionals through each
stage of the primary care process, from symptom to result.


Modern platform that

Boosts your 



Provide users a more individualized and integrated experience by integrating Sarir into telemedicine services.


Increase in intention to use telemedicine vs person


Increasing the use of medical services after checking the symptoms of the disease online.



Increase the importance of taking care of your health


Use the Sarir AI tools to improve the patient experience. Reduce burnout by providing your physicians with patient data.


Increasing clinical efficiency through pre-visit screening



Several modules,

countless possibilities

Sarir platform will be available to you in different ways, our unique

technical knowledge has made us to quickly develop and improve your needs.

Our products API is ready to integrate with your ecosystem.

Skin Genius

Diagnosis of skin diseases based on artificial intelligence

Symptom checker

Diagnosis of general diseases based on symptoms

Coming soon ...


Meet us at upcoming events

Our team will attend various events to meet

founders and executives of digital medicine businesses

health start-up event of Semnan University of Medical Sciences

February 27, 2023

National Sheikh Bahai

April 25, 2023

Inotex 2023

May 9, 2023


We are trying to make our brand

known with accuracy and trust

I compared with other apps that have such services, your work was much better, both in terms of speed and convenience, and in terms of reasonableness without diagnostics. 

Dr. Mousavi

I tested these products with my friends in the hospital and we were really surprised by the results it showed. Your work is really great, I wish you had an application so that we can use it more easily.

Dr. Shirmohammadi

As a medical student, I used it for hospital mornings, professors were amazed at the differential diagnoses I made for my patients.


I used this service to improve my consultations in home nursing services. My clients’ satisfaction has clearly increased.



Our AI Models Will Not Replace Doctors, But Instead Augment Them, Enabling Physicians To Practice Better Medicine With Greater Accuracy And Increased Efficacy.


Research and Technology Fund of Golestan Province

The goal of the research and technology fund is to aid businesses that are technologically and knowledge-based. As one of its supporting services are investing, providing guarantees, and awarding loans and facilities.

SarirAI is a team of experts in AI, healthcare, and technology who are dedicated to exploring the possibilities of AI in healthcare.

They work with businesses and researchers to create scalable, energy-efficient high-performance AI models that augment clinicians’ expertise and empower them to provide better medicine with greater accuracy and efficacy.



The Trigup accelerator is an appropriate environment for the development of businesses in the industries of health, financial, educational, and lifestyle technologies.